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cusdFoundation1 (14)The CARE Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to students. 

This is how much we CARE.


For the past two school years, the CARE Foundation sponsored and obtained donations for an annual Honors Concert Series, which involved live performances involving over 1800 students from the various schools’ choral and music programs. The Foundation contributed an estimated $13,000 over the two school years to secure the site and ensure that the children were able to participate in this amazing event held in 2016 and again in 2017. In addition, the Honor’s Concert Series last year netted $29,928.46 to be directed towards music and art related programs, supplies, and (or) classes.

Additionally, the Foundation funds the purchase of musical instruments and has run a violin rental program to ensure that 5th and 6th grade students have access to a string instrument at a very affordable cost. Also, the Foundation contributes to the purchase of sheet music, art class tools and materials, and much more in support of students’ needs.


Through the contact and connections of Foundation board members, the Foundation has been applying for and receiving a $10,000 per year Edison Grant for over 5 years, which is designated to give funds to STEM programs. Specifically, this current school year, the money is helping to fund robotics programs at San Juan Hills High School ($5,000) and Dana Hills High School ($2,500), and is helping to send a 4th grade team from Moulton Elementary School, which qualified for globals in the science and engineering category of a Destination Imagination competition, to Tennessee ($1,000). In addition, the Foundation found and facilitated the Cox Innovation Grant Panel, which awarded $20K to teachers on November 30, 2017, provided funding for engineering in elementary school kits and teachers guides and provided funding for the Aliso Niguel High School Science Team SONGS field trip. Of course, the Foundation was also instrumental in partnering with the Angels baseball franchise in bringing the Science of Baseball to the CUSD District, wherein the Foundation raised and spent close to $100,000 in support of this program.


The Foundation has spent tens of thousands of dollars over the last 3 years to provide for teachers’ trainings, attendance at conferences, and teacher appreciation events and luncheons. For example, in regard the Science of Baseball Program, the Foundation spent approximately $30,000 for two days of teacher trainings, tickets to an Angels game and a luncheon for more than 20 CUSD teachers. Additionally, the Foundation sponsored the Teacher of the Year event in 2017, spent $10,000 at a teachers’ luncheon at Wahoos in October of 2017, and last month at provided lunch for teachers from 3 schools sites for the CUSD annual policy acceptance contest.

Additionally, the Foundation has continued to respond to teachers’ requests for funding through the Foundation’s Grant Incentives for Teachers and Schools (GIFTS) Program. Through these requests, the Foundation is able to assist teachers in providing enhanced and innovative teaching programs and (or) necessary supplies to enhance the learning environment in our schools by offering grants to teachers and schools who work to enrich the classroom learning experiences of our 49,000 students. A few examples include: $1,000 to the Marco Forester Middle School Roadrunner Ambassadors, $400 for Engineering is Elementary Kits and Teachers Guides, approximately $250 for transportation for students to attend the Gift of History presentation, over $150 for transportation for CUSD students to San Onofre, and provided gift cards and other prizes for the Capistrano USD Khan Academy/LearnStorm Math Support Class.


The Foundation has assisted by helping to fund scholarships, raise money for existing scholarship programs and finding scholarship opportunities from its business partners. On April 25, 2018, the CUSD Foundation in collaboration with College and Career Advantage (CCA) provided $4,000 in scholarship money for students awarded the CCA Distinguished Student Recognition Awards. Additionally, after contacting the Gas Company last year, the Foundation was able to ensure that seniors in the CUSD were able to apply for and receive scholarship money to assist them with their college expenses. This opportunity was extended again this year for a total of $20,000 in scholarship monies for the last two school years.

Also, the Foundation oversees a scholarship that provides support for San Clemente seniors who will be majoring in environmental studies at a 4 year university, the Jeanette Brown Scholarship, which provides scholarship funds to graduating seniors in the CUSD whom will be attending a four year college, and AVCA/RMV Scholarship that provides monies to Aliso Viejo and Capo Valley High School seniors whom have exhibited good citizenship, stellar grades and have been accepted to a four year university.


To support and help to implement water conservation programs at the 6 CUSD high schools, the Board voted on partnering with water districts and other stake holders in the community to assist funding the program at a level of $5k for each school for a total of $30K.

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