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Each teacher determines daily the best path to teach their student as required. We want to make sure as they take this path they don’t face a road block due to lack of funding. The GIFT grants provides grants to teachers for various needs. Grant request have included science equipment, reading materials, field trip funding, video equipment, computer software and more. Over the years the CARE Foundation has provided over $250,000 in GIFT Grants.

The GIFT Grant Application is currently unavailable.  Please check back soon for an updated version.  Thanks!

More About the Program

The CARE Foundation unites the schools, community and businesses to help make a difference by supporting teachers and enhancing educational opportunities for every student. The CARE Foundation is committed to creating partnerships that provide for innovative learning and education excellence in the Capistrano Unified School District. The non-profit Foundation is the only organization that raises funds for all schools and students to maximize resources through partnerships with businesses and the community. 

Grant Incentives For Teachers (GIFT) program provides funds for enhanced and innovative classroom enrichment programs or projects or curriculum-related enhancements that benefit all students at the school. Demonstration of offering enhanced and innovative programs that reach a large population of students with strong parent commitment are critical components of a successful grant application.


Submission Process

All requests must be submitted by mail, email or fax to the CARE Foundation.  After submission, the CARE Foundation will email the sponsoring teacher and principal to confirm receipt of the application.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible. 

It is the intent of the CARE Foundation to provide funding for enhanced and innovative programs.  As such, we encourage teachers and principals to apply for funding for any project that will benefit a large population of students at their school site.  Applications may be submitted for any curricular area. 

Any materials purchased with CARE Foundation grant funds are the property of the Capistrano Unified School District and shall remain at the school where the funds were granted and for the program/project granted unless expressly authorized by the school principal AND the CARE Foundation.

Multiple applications will be accepted from an individual school site.  However, a teacher or department/team may only submit one application per school year.  Principals may also submit one application per school year.


Review Process

Proposals must fall within the scope of CARE Foundation’s mission in order to be considered.  CARE Foundation Board Members will review each grant and make the sole and final decision on which grants will be awarded.

Applications will be reviewed on the basis of three criteria:

  1. Level of Innovation in a new project or enhancement of an existing project
  2. Number of participating students
  3. Matching funds provided by local parent organizations or other grants



The GIFT Program has three tiers of funding based on the scope of the project and the type of applicant:


Tier 1: Individual Teachers

Individual teachers may request up to $1,000 for enhanced and innovative classroom enrichment programs or projects.


Tier 2: Teams of Teachers or Department

Teams or Departments may request up to $2,500 for enhanced and innovative classroom enrichment programs or projects.  Please note that an individual teacher may only be part of a Tier 1 or Tier 2 application – not both.


Tier 3: Principals

Principals may submit proposals in any amount up to $5,000 for curriculum related enhancements that benefit all students at the school.


The CARE Foundation encourages teachers and principals to obtain matching funding from local parent organizations.  However, we recognize that not all schools have such organizations.  Applications from schools without a parent organization or foundation will not be penalized for lack of matching funds.  However, if a school does have such an organization, their participation is requested.

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