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Science of Baseball

In 2014 a partnership was launched with Angels Foundation to launch a STEM program in the district called the SCIENCE OF BASEBALL. The first teacher training was held at Angel Stadium on February 28 with 25 math, physical education and science teachers. Those teachers received training in 10 interactive lesson plans, complete STEM kit for the lessons along with a special tour of the stadium. Today, those lessons are being taught inside the classroom.


This STEM program (designed by Science of Sport) is an integrated approach including both academic and athletic components that caters to students of multiple abilities in the classroom and on the field. This address the issues that despite the benefits of new technologies and increased wealth, students from local communities are underprepared to enter many Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professions.  Furthermore, not all students are receptive to the traditional forms of classroom instruction which leads them to lose interest in – and even drop out of –school. This approach that meets 21st Century Learning was created to spark a passion for mathematics and science in boys and girls by using sports.

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