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Being a volunteer with the CARE Foundation is a hands-on way to help support the children of Capistrano Unified School District. We here at the CARE Foundation are committed to enhancing the education of every student who attends a public school in the district. Again, we operate separate and apart from the District and are in no way affiliated with or associated with them. Any amount of time you can offer is appreciated and vital to our efforts.

Ambassador Program

An ambassador is a parent volunteer at a school site who serves as a liaison between the Foundation and the school they serve. This may be through distributing information such as flyers, coordinating volunteer efforts, and providing feedback to the Foundation from parents and staff. Communication is primarily through email, with one or two meetings per school year, depending on the fundraising efforts in progress.

Volunteering at an event

The Foundation hosts major events such as the “Annual Golf Event” and “Keys to the Future” which are huge undertakings, requiring help in all areas including ticket sales, running errands, making phone calls, forwarding possible donor / advertiser information to the Foundation, working a booth, setting up the event, taking photos, tearing down the event, among many others.

Volunteering at your school site

The more people we reach, the successful our efforts will be. You can volunteer by handing out flyers, selling raffle tickets, or making announcements at your school about our upcoming events or ongoing programs.

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